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Please thoroughly review the terms and conditions agreement before we commence work to understand our service expectations.


By accepting the quotation/estimate with Hallman's Power Washing, LLC, the client agrees to all terms and conditions in this agreement and authorizes to do the service at an agreed-upon price.


This document serves as a binding agreement between the homeowner, now identified as "client", and Hallman's Power Washing, LLC and its owners, employees and subcontractors, now identified as "Company," for the execution of services in exchange for payment for residential or commercial outdoor cleaning including pressure washing and non-pressure washing. The services that Hallman's Power Washing, LLC provide to you are subject to the following terms, and we reserve the right to update the terms and conditions anytime without notice. You can review the terms and conditions by clicking the terms and conditions links via our website, email communications or any other communications such as quotes and invoices.


The client agrees to allow Hallman's Power Washing, LLC on the property for cleaning services. The client understands that the completion of service has no set timeframe and may require several visits to the property. In addition, the cleaning service may need to move to the next available time if unforeseen circumstances like bad weather. The client understands that the Company will do their best to accommodate immediate reschedule but must work around other scheduled clients and weather. The Company also has permission to visit the property with little or no notice to assess service needs before the service date and to check completion after services have been rendered.


The client agrees to allow Hallman's Power Washing, LLC to utilize their residential water source via an outdoor tap, which will be turned on and easily accessible on the service date. If on well water, or if in an area with low water pressure or volume, the client agrees to cease all water consumption inside the home, including faucets, dishwashers, washing machines, outdoor sprinkler systems etc.


The client agrees to provide Hallman's Power Washing, LLC with the right to use an on-site source of electricity as needed to complete the stated project without compensation.


Hallman's Power Washing, LLC technicians are trained to use the equipment and cleaning products and take extreme precautions not to cause harm and damage to property. Safe techniques in cleaning will operate with the use of low-pressure cleaning to delicate surfaces such as sidings and roofs. However, damage can still occur due to poor maintenance, neglect of the property, or low-grade building materials. To avoid potential defects, the client should have routine maintenance following the manufacturer's recommendation. Before washing the home, the client must address any areas of concern to ensure a watertight seal to prevent damage. The client assumes all the risk and takes responsibility for any damage due to the above explanations. The client releases our Company of property damage unless negligence or willful misconduct caused it.


On the service date, Hallman's Power Washing, LLC will note any pre-existing damage on the field, give the checklist/report to the client, and have them sign/accept. If the client is unable to sign/accept at the time of the noted damage, the Company will note the absence on the checklist/report and take photos of the noted damage. The client will have to sign/accept the checklist/report to note they have been informed of any damage once the work is complete. Hallman's Power Washing, LLC will notify the client of the damage and the supporting documentation before work if the client is unavailable during and at the time of completion. If damage is found during the cleaning process, the Company will cease all cleaning efforts until the client can see the damage and acknowledge its existence.


The client understands that Hallman's Power Washing, LLC has a set of procedures to ensure the plant life around the area to be cleaned is protected. In addition, the client understands that washing service may be scheduled during midday, and there could be potential for leaf burn as water could spray or get around the plant during the cleaning process.


Homes that have not been maintained or has contact with sun exposure may be susceptible to oxidation. Signs of oxidation are a chalky white powder on sidings. The client understands that oxidation and other blemishes will be noticeable after cleaning, especially in houses covered with debris.


The client understands that during the House Soft wash service, you will only receive basic window cleaning. A basic window cleaning will eliminate debris, but spots may occur because hard water is used. If you are looking for a streak-free window, you will want to get the added Window Cleaning service, which uses a purified water-fed-pole to remove spots and streaks.

The client must understand that some window screens are susceptible to damage, delicate and brittle during window cleaning. The Company will use extreme precautions when removing screens, but any damages because of wear and tear will be the client's responsibility.

If you are not getting the added Window Cleaning Service, just House Soft wash Service only, the team of Hallman's Power Washing, LLC will not remove window screens.


1. Please have a water spigot or outdoor tap activated and accessible.

2. During House soft wash and window cleaning, please have all windows & doors shut tightly.

3. Please have all pets inside before and during cleaning.

4. Please clear the work areas of all items and remove all flags, doormats, vehicles, or sensitive materials from the areas to be cleaned for work efficiency, to avoid damage and maintain safety.

The Company suggests the client utilize their property's safety switch or circuit breaker to shut off power to any exterior outlets, light fixtures, or electrically powered features. Especially important for outlets that are not covered with exterior covers.

The client must understand that the Company strives to be efficient at work as possible, so respect is expected of the client. Please understand that Hallman’s Power Washing, LLC will refuse to service any client being disrespectful to any of our team members.


There is a $50.00 cancellation fee if notice is not received within 48 hours of service or if the team of Hallman's Power Washing, LLC arrives and cannot wash due to steps 1-4 not being completed. Hallman's Power Washing, LLC is not responsible for water intrusion. While every effort is made to prevent this, bad seals around windows and doors and cracks in concrete foundations can make this unavoidable. Hallman's Power Washing, LLC will do the job to the best possible result. This agreement to provide services is in no way a guarantee that it will remove stains completely. Notify us if surfaces on or near the area cannot have any form of cleaning solution on them. If we did not receive notification before the service Hallman's Power Washing, LLC is not responsible for any ill effects on any surface.


The client agrees to allow Hallman's Power Washing, LLC to use any photos, descriptions, reviews, quotes, or videos of the property or the Client in the context of marketing or advertising. The client must inform before the service if they do not want content utilized. The Company will use photos, descriptions, reviews, quotes, or videos without compensation to the client. Hallman's Power Washing, LLC will use the media for marketing and training purposes only. The client agrees not to seek punitive action in a civil court of law regarding the development, display, reproduction, or printing of the above examples of media. Including the use of photos, reviews and videos posted or displayed on online venues such as social media and the Company's website.


Quotes are valid for 30 days. Hallman's Power Washing, LLC will only do the job described in the quote. Any additional services requested before or on the day of service will incur additional charges.


Payment is due upon completion of the job. There is a processing fee when paying through a credit card (which are 2.9% of the total charge + $0.30).


Hallman's Power Washing, LLC is obligated under our terms and conditions for any damage resulting from negligence, willful misconduct and operator error.

Discovered damage must be reported within three days of service completion. The Company will be allowed 30 calendar days from the date of written receipt to inspect the property and have the sole option of repairing or contracting repairs to any damages resulting from negligence.